How to Create a Truly Unique Character

While the game master is responsible for creating an intriguing and fun world within which the story and adventure unfold, it is the players who create characters that will interact with this world. However, to create a compelling character that is memorable can sometimes be challenging. Here are some suggestions that can help gamers get a start.

  1. Follow your gut feeling and express your creativity.

As with any role-playing game, creating a character is limited to the rules set forth within whatever game system the character is created in.  Some game systems have fairly strict character creation guidelines while others such as USOR Games, utilize a character point system for expanded flexibility in assigning stats and abilities to a character.  However, the true meat of a character, is his/her personality and background.  The true heart and soul of a character goes beyond mere stats on a page.  Remember that while the rules are there to facilitate actions and consequences within the game world, the real fun in a game is the great characters and their personalities that are created by the game master and by the players.  So, once you’ve finished jotting down all the stats for your character, remember to give them a really memorable and interesting background and personality.

  1. Determine the role of your character based on the world the character will be in

A lot of times, especially in a role playing games, the world is pre-defined before a character is created. Thus, the character you create must fit within the confines of the reality he/she exists in. For example, if your character is in a mundane world set in the modern era in a spy thriller campaign, you cannot have him/her be a powerful wizard.  But, you can try to have an interesting background twist for the character that the game master may not have expected.  What if your character was a chef with no espionage background and he/she is suddenly and unexpectedly thrown into this spy world?  

  1. Define who your character is.

So you’ve given your character a background and a personality.  But what are the overall values and goals that define the character?  Characters who highly value honor and sacrifice will behave differently from ones who put their own interests above all else.

  1. Construct the character with details surrounding the core value

The final piece to creating a truly memorable character is to flesh out the details.  What are the character’s personality strengths and weaknesses?  Maybe he/she is paternal and protecting of others yet is short-tempered and prone to anger?  Maybe the character has a fondness for animals and gets upset anytime he/she sees someone eating or harming animals.  These little but subtle intricacies to a character turns him/her from a mere set of stats to a living and breathing alter ego of the player.

There are many great role-playing games out there that will let you do just that.  We encourage you try them out for yourself.  Also, you can try this link to create your own character for free at USOR Games.

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