USOR Games World Series 1 – Fragments of Karn

Karn, The Creator of our world, of all things. He has existed since time immemorial and is all powerful. In the beginning, it was only Him. Yet through the eons, he grew bored. So, he decided to create our world. And in it, he populated it with all sorts of creatures. But there was one creature in particular that he bestowed sentience to: man. At that time, the land was one large continent and man ruled over it.

But eventually, Karn got so bored with this world and its people that he decided to do the unthinkable: he decided to destroy himself. In a blast that shook the cosmos, Karn willfully split himself into a multitude of separate entities: Demi-Gods. Each Demi-God has a distinct personally and powers. Along with splitting himself, he also cast the land in the world apart into separate continents and islands. There, each Demi-God would rule over a given piece of land and there, would modify and evolve his portion of humans to his liking.

The end result is a world populated by numerous islands and continents, each with its own Demi-God and unique sentient species.

This is the world of Karn.


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