Town Location 1 for Fragments of Karn World – Fendor

Fragments of Karn has many islands and many cultures. Let’s explore some of these places.

On the island of Dainar, there is a small, humble town by the name of Fendor:

“Fendor…what can I say? It’s the prototypical town of Dainar. It’s small and simple. Townsfolk are wary of outsiders yet there is a kindness and hospitality to its people. Once they have come to accept you, they are gracious and caring.

They don’t go much for magic and spell casters are advised to keep their craft hidden. But since this town lies at a major geographical point of conflict, warfare and bloodshed are an all too familiar sight to these people. They try to avoid violence but being a part of the kingdom of Dainar, they understand the necessity for conflict with other island nations.

The land? Simple, rolling grass hills. The summers are quite pleasant here with cool crisp breezes cutting through the summer sun. The nights give way to crickets and peaceful sounds of nature. There are numerous small streams around the town and winters never get too cold.

You won’t find much in the way of food or culture here. Milquetoast is the best description. Good luck trying to find exotic cuisine or rare textiles or magical items or ingredients. But, their fresh food market is renowned and the smell emanating from their grodwen pies entices even the most snobbish of paletes.

The inns and housing here are pretty standard for Dainar: stonework (sometimes wood) with thatched roofs. Landscaping and home decor are pretty sparse: this is a town of simple farmers and peasants. There is not much in the way of creativity or wealth to be found here.

And yet despite all of this peacefulness, this town suffers from the same malaise that afflicts most landmarks in this world…there is a growing unrest. Wild beasts and vicious creatures seem to attack the village with increasing frequency and intensity. Perhaps it wasn’t wise for Karn to fragment…this world seems to be heading toward chaos.”

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