Town Locations for Fragments of Karn World

Below are the briefs of different town locations in Fragments of Karn World and more to come in the next couple weeks. In the following weeks, we will also expose more details of each town regarding its environment, population and Bestiary. Don’t forget to try our RPG game (online tabletop/pen and paper games) website – It is completely online and completely free!


A typical Danian town. Frequently patroled by Imperial Soldiers due to it being relatively close to the coast and a high traffic area for brigands and invading armies.

Bellicose Barrows

Rolling hills, small wooded caves, and primitive hovels. This area is home to the Bellicose and as such is an extremely chaotic and savage area.

Holm Lake

A large, beautiful lake just Southeast of Glavendale. Locals fish in the safer spots of this lake yet few travel into its deeper parts. Many large and dangerous fish inhabit these darker waters and venturing out into the middle of this lake is bound to cause travelers trouble.

Gallow Woods

Bordering the town of Fendor, this dark forest is scary place to be at night with horrific creatures, bandits, and cut throats. Relatively safe place during the day.


A large city with the highest concentration of wealthy Danians in the whole kingdom. The countryside is beautiful here and for the right price, visitors can find rare imports from all over the world

Tombs of Prestorn

Just outside the city of Prestorn lie its tombs…the final resting places of the powerful and wealthy. Unfortunately, its spirits are not at rest and wandering around the tombs at night will inevitably lead to an encounter with the undead.

Featherrock Crags

A wealth of valuable gems, minerals, and ores abound in these rocky hills. Just try to avoid its dangerous denizens.

Virgil Falls

Breathtaking waterfalls just a couple of miles outside the city of Prestorn. Around these waterfalls are numerous caves with not only dangerous creatures but valuable stolen treasure


A moderately sized town, Galin has several large farms and boasts an impressive culinary populace. As such, travelers can enjoy some of the best food Danair has to offer here.

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