Town Location 4 for Fragments of Karn World – Holm Lake

Fragments of Karn has many islands and many cultures.  Let’s explore some of these places.


On the island of Dainar, there is a beautiful lake to the East of Fendor known as Holm Lake:


“Don’t tell me you forgot about Holm Lake?  Gallow Woods gets all of the credit for supplying the timber to construct Fendor, as well as the fresh river water.  But where would Fendor be without its fishing community?  Gallow Woods has some streams where fishing is good but the real seafood for Fendor is from Holm Lake.  Its coastlines are home to fish with some of the lightest and flakiest meat around.  The people of Fendor know how to use it well too…the recipes they come up with…superb!  They aren’t to the caliber of Dainian coastal communities but still…worth a try if you happen to stop by Fendor.

Now the center of the lake, that’s a different story.  You see, Fendor is a war torn area, and this was especially true a few years back.  Some battles were fought over these waters and supplies and yes, even the occasional treasure sank to the bottom.  But these nautical casualties were aided by fierce denizens of the deep that, although not as ferocious as their sea-dwelling brethren, were strong enough to pull light sailing boats beneath the waves and make a hasty meal out of these unfortunate victims.  It really is a shame too…because I have often sat by the shore of this seemingly tranquil lake and caught some rare and prized fish.  Then I get up the gumption to try to rent a boat and set sail to deeper waters of this lake, only to be warned by a local that just the other day, he saw a neighbor of his pulled beneath the waves trying to make a catch in the middle of the lake.  Temptations be damned…I’m sticking to the coastline with this lake.  I’m telling you it’s not worth the risk.”

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