Focus (Combat/Skill/Magic/Faith)

Many of the genres using the USOR System utilize what is known as Focuses for character development.

The Primary and Secondary Focuses determine what skills, abilities, and equipment the character will have access to.

The Primary Focus is just what its name suggests: it is the primary focus the character will have in the game. Does the player want his/her player to focus mainly on fighting or spell casting? Maybe he/she wants a character that has a variety of useful skills or have a close connection to his/her god.

The Secondary Focus is similar to the Primary Focus in that it determines what the character is focused on and determines (though to a lesser extent) what abilites, skills, and equipment a character can use.

So, when creating a Dainian character, the player must carefully decide, what is most important to this character: Combat, Skills, Magic, or Faith? Then, he/she must determine what is the second most important? This will determine what combination of Primary and Secondary Focus his/her character will have. Maybe the player wants his/her character to have Primary Focus Combat and Secondary Focus Magic. Maybe he/she wants Primary Focus Magic and Secondary Focus Faith. Any combination is allowed. Note though, that a character cannot have Primary Focus and Secondary Focus be the same. So, a character CANNOT be Primary Focus Magic and Secondary Focus Magic. If Primary Focus Magic is selected, he/she must select Faith, Combat, or Skills as the Secondary Focus.

Be careful, once a Primary Focus and Secondary Focus are selected for a character and the character sheet is created, Focuses cannot be changed. So, make sure you have fully determined what your character’s Focuses will be before finalizing your character during character creation.

Below is a rough description of each Focus to help players get an understanding of what each Focus entails. Additionally, players may access’s web databases to see what specific skills, abilities, and equipment a particular focus combination can give a character. Please note that the descriptions below apply to Primary Focus. A Secondary Focus will result in much the same access to skills, abilities, and equipment as a Primary Focus only slightly less so.


This focus is for characters who will be engaged in a lot of warfare and physical battles. This focus gives the character access to pretty much all weapons and armor available to characters in the game. Additionally, Combat focused characters have no maximum skill ratings for weapon skills. They will also get unlimited access to special combat and skill abilities.

Main Attributes: Strength, Endurance, Coordination, Agility, Willpower, Perception


This focus is the broadest of the four focuses and offers a variety of routes for characters to take. This is the Focus for thieves, troubadours, inventors, engineers, and any other profession that emphasizes non-combat skills. A character with a Skill focus will have no maximum rating for non-combat and non-weapon skills. Additionally, they will have access to special skills no other focus has access to.

Main Attributes: any, but usually Coordination, Agility, Intuition, and Charm


This focus is for the spell casters of the game. While weapon and equipment access is limited, these characters get access to powerful spells and magic based skills.

Main Attributes: Logic, Willpower, Intuition


This focus is for characters who want a close connection to their god. This connection will put them in good standing with their religious order but also offer the character access to powerful abilities that make them superhuman and in some cases almost godlike. This comes at a price however. They must remain devoted servants to their god.

Main Attributes: Endurance, Charm, Willpower, Intuition