Abilities differ from Skills in that they do not have Ratings.  Some abilities will have Rankings in which higher Rankings represent more powerful or diverse versions of an ability.

For instance, the Combat Ability “Parry” has no Rating but it does have a Ranking.  The higher Parry’s Ranking, the better bonus it provides to Dodge.

Some abilities have a limited number of uses per day.  The Faith Ability “Heal” for instance, can only be used once per day but can be upgraded to multiple uses per day.

It is important to note that some Abilities may still need to make Event Rolls.  Heal, for instance, when used, must make an Event Roll where the Rating is derived from the character’s Intuition Score.  And while the character can spend CP to improve the healing power of Heal, he/she does not spend points directly on Heal to improve its Ratings like he/she would for Skills.