Armor Skills

Unlike most skills, Armor skills DO NOT have ratings.  You either have the skill or you don’t.  They simply allow you to use certain types of armor.

Which armor skill(s) you can purchase is dependent on the your Primary and Secondary Focus.  To the right of each Armor Skill listed on the character sheet, is a list of Focus Combinations which CANNOT select a given Armor Skill.  “C” stands for Combat, “M” for Magic, “S” for Skill, and “F” for Faith.  The first letter indicates the Primary Focus, the second letter represents the Secondary Focus.  So FS means Primary Focus Faith, Secondary Focus Skill.


Allows the character to wear robes, cloaks, and cloth armor.

Light Armor

Allows the character to wear light armor such as leather armor, reinforced cloth armor, and hide armor.

Medium Armor

Allows the character to wear medium armor such as banded mail and chain mail

Heavy Armor

Allows the character to wear heavy armor such as plate mail and full battle suits.


Allows the character to utilize all manner of shields