Assassinate: Knife

When a character is Hidden or Stealthed, he/she may use this ability to gain a Damage Bonus rating on an unsuspecting target when attacking him/her.  This Damage Bonus applies only to the very first strike against the opponent.  The higher the rating of this ability, the greater the Damage Bonus.

In addition to needing “Assassinry Abilities” purchased, this ability also requires a Dagger Skill of at least Rating 1.

The Damage Bonus is determined by both the rating of Assassinate: Knife and the NOST of the Attack Roll made.  Since the target of the attack is unsuspecting, a roll to Strike is made without any roll to Dodge.  Thus, any Successes occurring from the roll to Strike automatically apply to NOST.  After the attacker rolls NOST against the target, input the NOST rating into the character sheet.  The character sheet will then calculate the Damage Bonus for the attack based on the Current Rating of the Assassinate: Knife ability and the NOST Score.

EXAMPLE: Jennie has a Dagger Skill Rating of 16 and a Assassinate: Knife Rating of 3.  She uses Assassinate: Knife against an unsuspecting opponent.  She rolls 2 Successes in her attack against him.  Since he is unsuspecting, he makes no Roll to Dodge and thus, her NOST against him is 2.  Inputting a NOST of 2 into the character sheet, her Damage Bonus to the attack is 17.