Character Points (CP)

Character Points (or CP) are the basis for the majority of character creation. Essentially, every character starts with a certain amount of CP and he/she may spend them however he/she wants with some limitations.  CP are typically spent on Attributes, Skills, Powers, Special Abilities, and Spells.  As a character plays the game and goes on adventures, he/she gains more CP.  He/she can then spend this CP to make improvements on or purchase new traits such as the ones mentioned earlier.  Characters DO NOT need to wait until they gain another level to spend their CP.  Characters can spend their CP whenever they want, depending on the generosity of the Game Master.  It wouldn’t make much sense for a Game Master to allow a character to spend CP on a new ability or power right in the middle of combat.  But a generous Game Master would permit a character to spend CP in the middle of an adventure outside of combat.  At the very least, characters should be allowed to spend their CP on at the end of an adventure.  But characters should never have to wait until they gain a level to spend their CP as levels in this game don’t quite mean the same thing that they do in traditional RPGs (see the section on Levels for further explanation).

On the character sheet, CP are represented by two fields: Current Character Points and Total Earned CP.  Total Earned CP represents the total amount of CP the character has accumulated.  So, every time a character earns CP, it is added to this number.  For instance, if the Total Earned CP for a character is currently 10,000 and the Game Master has just awarded the character 300 CP, the Total Earned CP for the character now becomes 10,300.  Current Character Points represents how many CP a character has left to spend on abilities, powers, skills, etc.  It is simply the Total Earned CP minus the CP the character has already spent and this figure is auto-calculated by the character sheet.

NOTE: Total Earned CP will always increase.  This figure should NEVER be decreased by the player just in the same way that characters typically never lose experience points in traditional RPGs.