Combat Stats

Block, Dodge, and Roll are the three basic forms of defense in combat. Block involves using limbs or an object to stop an attack from damaging the target. Dodge involves the target avoiding the attack entirely by trying to get out of its way. Roll involves rolling the target’s entire body to avoid an attack.

There are several different forms Block, Dodge, and Roll that can be acquired in the game through martial arts, special abilities, and skills.

For each attack made against a character, he/she may choose to Dodge, Block, or Roll. He/she must choose one and ONLY one of these actions for each time he/she is attacked.

Dodge: The base rating for Dodge is equal to the character’s Agility score. Dodge can be rolled against each oncoming attack and costs no AT (Action Time).

Block: Blocking attacks does not avoid them but instead adds to the character’s Defense roll. Block is affected by Agility. The higher a character’s Agility, the higher his/her Block Score. Block can be performed against each oncoming attack and costs no AT (Action Time). Thus, instead of the defender rolling Dodge first to see if he/she is hit, then rolls Defense, the defender instead automatically takes the hit and adds his/her Block Score to his/her Defense Score when making the roll.

Roll: Roll is essentially an improved form of Dodge and can be made to avoid incoming attacks. The base rating for Roll is equal to the character’s Dodge score x 1.5 (rounded down). Roll can be made against each oncoming attack but costs 5 AT (Action Time). Thus, anytime a characters uses Roll, move his/her character 5 spaces down the Action Timeline.