Critical Strike

Whenever a character has a NOST score of 2 or higher when striking with a weapon, he/she can use that NOST to increase the damage dealt on an attack.  As with other Weapon Abilities, the character must first have the appropriate Weapon Ability purchased to use this ability in connection with the weapon in question.  Thus, in order to use Critical Strike with a one-handed sword, the character must first have purchased “Sword Ability”.

The higher the NOST, the more extra damage is dealt with the attack.  Whenever a player wishes to use Critical Strike, simply input the NOST score resulting from the attack into the character sheet.  The character sheet will then automatically increase the damage of the weapon under the equipment screen by the Critical Strike damage bonus amount.

EXAMPLE: Jennie has a Critical Strike Rating of 2.  She rolls to attack with her sword and gets 3 Successes.  Her opponent attempts to dodge and receives 1 Success.  Therefore, she has successfully struck her opponent and her NOST is 2 (because 3 – 1 = 2).  She inputs the NOST of 2 into the character sheet.  This gives her a bonus of 10 to the Damage Rating of the strike.  Thus, if her regular damage with the sword is 87, for this attack, it is now 97 because the 10 Damage Rating for the NOST of 2.