Cure Disease

This ability allows a character to cleanse a person of a Disease.  A user of this ability may use it on himself or others.

Heal Power

This represents how powerful the ability is to remove a Disease from a person’s system.  To remove a Disease, simply roll the Heal Power Rating against the Disease’s Power Rating.  A NOST of 1 is sufficient to remove a Disease from a character’s system.

Example: Jennie uses Cure Disease on Steve.  She has a Heal Power of 45.  The Power Rating of the Disease in Steve’s system is 38.  She rolls 3 Successes and the Disease rolls 2 Successes.  Her NOST is therefore, 1 (since 3 – 2 = 1).  She has removed the Disease from Steve.


Touch is the default range.  If points are spent in the category, the extended range is measured in feet.

Action Time

The default Action Time is 20 but points spent in this category will reduce the AT.

# of Uses Per Day

The default is 1 use per day.  Points spent in this category can increase how times the ability can be used in a given day.  After a night of good rest, the # of uses of this ability restores itself back to its daily maximum.