Dainians are said to closely resemble The Originals in appearance.  This means that Dainians are essentially the “humans” of Fragments of Karn for all intents and purposes.

But the fact that they are supposed to resemble The Originals leads them to arrogantly claim themselves as the one true race of descendants.  They see themselves as perfect and all others as inferior.

Their god, Kailar, is said to resemble Karn in manner and when he does take physical form, is often said to take the forms Karn took.

These two facts often lead Dainians towards self-righteous attitudes, particularly in the eyes of the other races.

Dainians maintain a strict monarchy, with a king who keeps a close connection to Kailar (or at least claims to have one).  Dainians are highly religious but also fiercely loyal to their king.  There are many powerful families in the king’s court and they often conspire against each other and vie for power of the throne.  However, at the end of the day, Dainar is a very unified kingdom and is truly one of the most powerful.

Dainians feel that they have been ordained to conquer the entire world and spread their culture and god across the globe.  Their mindset is that since they resemble The Originals, they must therefore be The Originals and because they are the perfect, true race, they must rule over all other races on the planet.  This isn’t to say that they want to destroy or even completely subjugate all other races.  They simply want to bring all other races under their influence.  They also want Kailar to conquer and destroy all other gods.  They feel that once he accomplishes this, all the other gods’ essences will assimilate as a whole into him and he will become Karn again.  Then, he can rule peacefully over the entire globe.

It is important to note that Dainians consider themselves to be very moral and have a strong code of conduct.  They generally believe in all of the classic “good” principles such as honor, protecting the weak, fairness, and helping others out.  There are also several other races with whom they ally themselves.  They see the world in terms of good and evil.  The evil races they want to completely destroy.  The good races they want to co-exist with but largely on their terms and as mentioned earlier, there is a definite feeling by Dainians of manifest destiny and the drive to conquer.

Because of all of these above mentioned traits, Dainians are much more hypocritical and  contradictory than they may be aware.  They don’t believe in harming the weak or attacking their allies but feel they should rule the world.  They preach love and kindness yet are ready to go to war at a moment’s notice against those races whom they consider evil.

This culture is extremely conservative.  They tolerate outsiders but are also wary of them, even if they are from other “good-aligned” races.  Peasants are afforded very little rights and it is hard for women in this culture to gain much in the way of power or respect.  Magic users are tolerated but any that show off too much power are treated with suspicion or even outright hostility.

Traits: Good, Self-Righteous, Religious, Conservative, Warmongering, Principled