Once an opponent has been hit, damage is rolled:

(1) Attacker rolls Event Roll with weapon/attack Damage as the base score. Subtract 5 from the damage for every Size level the weapon/attack is lower than that of the defender (for instance, if the weapon is Size level 1 and the defender is Size level 3, subtract 10 from the damage base (since weapon is two size levels below the defender). Likewise, add 5 to the damage for Size level above that of the defender.

(2) Defender rolls Event Roll with Vitality combined with the Armor Rating and Natural Armor as the base score. This combined score is referred to as Defense.

(3) Attack does damage if the attacker’s number of Successes is higher than the defender’s number of Successes. The difference between the attacker’s number of Successes and the defender’s number of Successes is the amount of damage dealt to that body part location.

Stun Damage

Stun damage is kept track separately from Physical Damage.  Stun Damage is recovered more quickly than Physical Damage and recovers over time without the need for medical aid.

The maximum amount of total stun damage that can be sustained is 20 points. Once 20 points is reached, the character is knocked out.  Stun damage points are referred to as SDP.

Stun Damage is not kept track by body part Location.  Rather, it is kept track of as a whole number.

Physical Damage

Unlike Stun Damage, Physical Damage is kept track of by each individual body part and in addition, usually does not recover on its own; it often requires medical attention.  In fact, severe physical wounds can often cause more physical damage over time if not properly treated.

Each body part has a maximum amount of Physical damage that it can take:

Left/Right Leg: 8 points each

Left/Right Arm: 6 points each

Head: 4 points

Chest: 10 points

These points are referred to as Physical Damage Points (PDP)

If any body part takes its max amount of damage, it is considered destroyed.  If the Head or Chest takes max damage, the character is killed.

In addition, there is a maximum amount of physical damage a character can take overall.  The maximum amount of physical damage that can be sustained is 20 points. Once 20 points is reached, the character is dead.  This maximum damage refers to all physical damage sustained by all body parts as a combined total.  Thus, if a character received 4 damage to his left leg, 2 damage to his head, and 4 to his right arm, his total physical damage is 10 and the character is still alive.

Physical Attribute Penalties

As the character accumulates Physical Damage Points and Stun Damage Points, certain aspects of the character will be temporarily reduced as long as those points remain. Aspects of the character include Physical Attributes, Dodge, Roll, Block, and Strike. Note, that Vitality (and thus, Defense) is not affected by this.  The total amount of PDP + SDP at any given moment will reduce these stats.  Use the chart below to determine the effects:

PDP + SDP Physical Attributes rating Strike, Dodge, Block,Roll rating
1-6 100% 100%
7-12 80% 90%
13-18 60% 80%
19-24 40% 70%
25-40 20% 60%