Whenever a character has a NOST score of 2 or higher when striking with a weapon, he/she can use that NOST to increase the chances of Disarming an opponent.  As with other Weapon Abilities, the character must first have the appropriate Weapon Ability purchased to use this ability in connection with the weapon in question.  Thus, in order to use Disarm with a one-handed sword, the character must first have purchased “Sword Ability”.

Disarming an Opponent

Any strike against an opponent can be used to attempt to Disarm the opponent.  Any attacker attempting to Disarm forfeits the right to deal any damage with the attack.  Thus, no Damage Roll is made.  Instead, the Attacker rolls his/her Current Strength divided by two (round down) while the Defender rolls his/her Current Strength.  If the Attacker has a NOST of at least 1, the Defender is Disarmed and thus, loses his/her weapon.

The Disarm Weapon Ability adds to the Attacker’s Current Strength score whenever a Disarm attack is attempted.  The higher the NOST, the larger the Strength bonus the Attacker receives when attempting to Disarm an opponent.  Whenever a player wishes to use Disarm, simply input the NOST score resulting from the attack into the character sheet.  The character sheet will then automatically calculate the Strength bonus used in the Disarm attack.

EXAMPLE: Jennie has a Disarm Rating of 2 and a Current Strength of 39.  Her opponent Steve has a Current Strength of 26.  She rolls to attack with her sword and gets 4 Successes.  Her opponent attempts to dodge and receives 1 Success.  Therefore, she has successfully struck her opponent and her NOST is 3 (because 4 – 1 = 3).  She inputs the NOST of 3 into the character sheet.  This gives her a bonus of 5 to her Current Strength for the Disarm roll.  To Disarm her opponent, the rating for her Event Roll is 24 (Strength of 39 divided by 2 rounded down is 19.  Her NOST of 3 gives her +5 to Strength.  19 + 5 = 24).  The rating for Steve’s event roll is 26 (his Current Strength rating).  If Jennie has a NOST of at least 1 from this roll, she succeeds in Disarming Steve.