Fragments of Karn

Fragments of Karn is set in a classic sword and sorcery world full of wizards, dragons, monsters, and brave knights.  It is a massive water world with large islands spread across the globe.  Each island has its own unique race and culture and each island is fighting for control of the world.

This setting will feature a completely separate character sheet for each race.  There will be traditional fantasy races like elves and orcs but also some unique races and cultures to add more flavor to the environment.

The Story

Karn, the creator of our world.  Karn, the all powerful.  Karn, the all knowing.  He created our world and ruled over it for time untold.  At that time, the world was one giant continent.  There was only one sentient race too.  They are often referred to as The Originals.  I’m told they resembled Dainians but no one truly knows for sure.  All we know is this was a time before the gods, before the islands, and before the wars.  There was peace, there was harmony.  But then our world suffered the greatest cataclysm imaginable…KARN FRAGMENTED!

For reasons unknown, Karn’s soul was shattered and split into numerous pieces.  The continent split too…into numerous separate islands.  The Originals were scattered across these islands, terrified and bewildered by what had happened.  Karn’s fragments eventually settled and each fragment morphed into a new god.  That’s how we have all of our gods now…each was once a fragment of Karn’s soul.  It is said that each holds a portion of his power and even a portion of his personality.  But that is mere speculation.

What is true is that each of our gods took one of the many islands for his own.  Now, each island has its own god which rules over it.  We are also certain that each god took The Originals stranded on these islands and shaped them to his/her own design.  The Originals became all the races that you see today.   So there you have it; each god to his/her own island, each god shaping The Originals on the island into a race of his/her own liking, and each god commanding their races to war with each other in an attempt to rule this world.  I wonder which god is the true incarnation of Karn…maybe they all are.  Or maybe the victor will be the true incarnation.