General Skills

General skills are defined as any skills which are non-combat and non-magical in nature that any character, regardless of their Focus, can purchase.  However, characters without any Focus in Skill will generally have a limit on the Rating they can have on any given skill.


If you want to dance and impress those around you with your dance off skills, select this skill.

Card Sharp

Involves the proficiency in not only playing various card games, but card tricks with your hands, and the potential to cheat at card games.

Horseback Riding

Allows a character to ride a horse as well as perform tricks and stunts while on horseback.


Allows the character to mine various ores, minerals, and gemstones many of which can be used to create magic items such as weapons and armor.  Proper equipment is required of course.


Allows the character to skin dead animals and monsters to collect their hides.  Often these hides can be sold for high prices or used as ingredients for magical items.


Allows the character to cut meat and body parts off dead animals.  Useful for cooking but some meats and body parts such as horns and teeth can be used as ingredients for magical items.


Useful for catching fish in lakes and oceans.  As with butchering, this aids in cooking but also in the creation of magical items.


Allows the character to cut down trees and bushes and use those pieces in carpentry and as ingredients in magical item recipes.


Allows the character to character to use various ingredients to cook meals.  This skill does not allow for the harvesting of ingredients.  Other general skills are needed for that.  But, this skill does allow the character to cook meals which can have temporary magical bonuses for characters.

Harvesting (Formerly Herbalism)

Allows the character to collect samples from plants and bushes in the wild.  This typically includes flowers, seeds, and other plant parts.  This also allows the user to harvest crops of plants on a farm.  Ingredients obtained from Harvesting are often used in the creation of magical items.