Getting Started

Creating a character for Fragments of Karn is a relatively easy and quick process.  The game system is designed to minimize requirements of the player while at the same time maximizing the options available to him/her.

Automated Calculation

All mathematical calculations on the character sheet are done automatically by the character sheet’s software, leaving no guesswork on the player’s behalf.  Also, validation errors are built into the program so if a player attempts to select an option for his/her character which is not allowed by the game rules, the character sheet will generate a specific validation error informing the player of his/her error.  A character sheet cannot be finalized and created until a player removes all validation errors from the sheet

The Basics

When creating a character for Fragments of Karn, it is important to have a general idea of the character you want to create.  This will help guide you in which direction you want to spend Character Points in.

Below is an overview of the character creation process.  For more details on any of the steps mentioned below, please refer to the appropriate Character Sheet rules section on the basic rules website:

1. Character Points

After naming your character, the first thing to do is assign your character a set amount of Character Points (CP).  Total Earned CP is where this number will be input.  A beginning character who is a Dainian will typically start with 16,800 CP.  However, you may have a Game Master who wants you to start with more CP.  There is no limit to the amount of CP you can start with.  The minimum however, is 16,800.  The more CP you have, the more powerful your character will be.

2. Focus

Next, select a Primary and Secondary Focus.  Be careful which ones you select.  Once you select these Focuses and you select the “Create Character” button at the bottom of the character sheet screen, your Focuses are locked in and can never be changed for this character.

3. Attributes

Once the Primary and Secondary Focuses have been selected, the player must select the attribute Maximums for the character’s ten basic attributes.  Be sure to choose these maximums carefully and that they match the type of character you are trying to create.  For instance, when creating a warrior type character, you probably want to have high maximums on Strength, Coordination, Endurance, etc. rather than attributes such as Logic or Intuition.

After selecting the attribute maximums, the player should then purchase the Current Rating for each attribute (including the eleventh attribute Luck).  It is important to note that this is the first part of the character sheet that actually involves spending CP.  Attributes can get very expensive so be sure to have your Current Attribute scores start modestly.  A suggested average Score of 25 for each attribute is suggested.  This will leave enough CP left over to spend on skills, powers, abilities, and spells.

4. Social Traits

Once attributes have been selected, Social Traits should be selected.  Each Social Trait has a corresponding Social Point (SP) cost to it.  The number of Social Points a character earns is based off the Current Ratings of his/her Luck, Charm, and Beauty attributes.  Some Social Traits such as Debt and Wealth, are assigned numerical figures.  A number of Social Traits must be selected until the total amount of SP spent on these traits is equal to the amount of SP earned by the character.

5. Skills, Abilities, and Spells

Up to this point, all previously mentioned sections of the character sheet are required to be filled out: Total Earned CP, Primary Focus, Secondary Focus, Attributes, and Social Traits.  All other sections of the character sheet are purely optional.  However, in order to play the game effectively a player will most likely want to save some CP for these remaining sections.  After all, purchasing skills, abilities, and spells is essential to surviving in the world of Fragments of Karn.

It should be noted that once you get to this part of the character sheet, you may find yourself low on CP to spend on the skills and abilities you really want.  If this is the case, feel free to go back to the beginning of the character sheet and reduce an Attribute or two’s Current Ratings.  This will free up some CP to spend on other areas.  Remember, no combination is perfect and the character sheet will prevent players from making invalid choices so feel free to play around with the numbers and get creative in your character creation process!!!

6. Purchasing Equipment

Purchasing equipment costs money (in the case of Dainians, the character sheet lists the currency as “Regals”) rather than CP.  Starting money depends on the Social Traits selected by the character.  Characters are free to purchase whatever equipment they want but they can go into debt if they purchase too much stuff.  A character sheet can be created with a balance of negative Regals but it means the character starts the game not only with no money in his/her pocket, but also with debt owed to a hopefully patient and understanding lender.

Bear in mind that certain equipment may be purchased but if the character does not have the proper skill purchased to use this equipment, the equipment cannot be used by the character and in the case of armor, cannot be worn with the proper skill.

7. A Good Starting Character

While players are free to create whatever kind of character they want, there is a recommended starting combination of traits for starting characters.  The following details the recommended guideline for newly created characters:

  • Average of 25 Current Rating for each Attribute
  • No more than one weapon skill to start.  Combat focused characters should have at least a rating of 16 on one weapon skill.  Non-combat focused characters should have at least a rating of 8.
  • No purchase of General Skills
  • At least 3,000 to 4,000 CP spent on Focus-specific skills, abilities, and spells:
    • Combat focused characters should purchase Armor Skills and Combat Abilities
    • Skill focused characters should purchase Espionage Skills and Abilities
    • Magic focused characters should purchase at least one or two spells and the Sorcery Skill should be at least 18
    • Faith focused characters should purchase and upgrade a Faith ability

Again, the above guidelines are just that, guidelines.  They are not hard and fast rules the player must abide by when creating a character.  They are merely a suggested way to start characters off to be able to survive in the world of Fragments of Karn.