Below is a list of common terms utilized in the USOR Games RPG system:

Event Rolls

The Event Roll (or ER) is the single most common dice roll and core system mechanic in the game system.  As such, the Event Roll is used for almost all dice rolls in the game.  Essentially, almost every trait or stat in the game has a Rating assigned to it and this Rating translates to a specific dice roll.  For instance, if a particular skill or attribute has a Rating of 11, the Event Roll for this Rating would be 1d6 + 1d8.  The Event Chart indicates what each Rating translates to with regards to the Event Roll.

It is important to note that Event Rolls can have modifiers to them which will temporarily increase or decrease a Rating before an Event Roll can be made.  For instance, a character could have a Cooking skill Rating of 12 but a particular circumstance might give the character a temporary -2 to his/her Cooking Skill (such as, for instance, being forced to cook without any salt or pepper) which would give him/her a temporary rating of 10 to his/her Cooking Skill.