Gust of Wind

This spell sends a small gust of wind from the caster’s hands.  This wind is not designed to knock over large creatures or to be used in combat in any meaningful way.  This spell is mainly used to knock small objects off tables or cause minor distractions.  While on the surface this may not sound very impressive, it does have its uses.  The caster might be in a room with an NPC and doesn’t want him/her to see a scroll placed on the table.  With a quick cast of this spell, the scroll can be quickly and quietly pushed off the table and out of the NPC’s sight.

Spell School Prerequisites: Air 1

Base CP Cost: 50

Total CP Cost with all Upgrades: 807

Action Time

The base Action Time for this spell is 10.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 1.

Magic Point Cost

The based MP cost is 3 for this spell.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 1 MP.

Object Force

The wind force of the spell is measured pounds.  The based force is 1 pound.  It can be increased in increments to as high as 10 pounds.