Illusion: One Sense

This spell allows the caster to create an illusion of whatever type that he/she desires.  This illusion will only affect one sense: hearing, sight, taste, touch, or smell.  This spell allows for endless creativity as the caster can create whatever illusion he/she desires.

Examples of illusions the caster can create with this spell:

  1. An audio illusion such as the sound of hundreds of soldiers approaching
  2. A visual illusion such as a deadly snake about to strike someone
  3. A taste illusion such as making a bland piece of bread appear to taste like cake or masking the taste of a poison hidden in a glass of wine
  4. A touch illusion such as making a sword handle feel hot to the touch
  5. A smell illusion such as creating the stench of a dead body.

Spell School Prerequisites: Mind 1

Base CP Cost: 250

Total CP Cost with all Upgrades: 2850


Action Time

The base Action Time for this spell is 10.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 1.

Illusion Size

The size of the actual illusion is based on Creature Size. Thus, if the Illusion cast with this spell is Size 0, it would be roughly about the size of a full grown human being.  The base Size of the illusion is -5 but can be upgraded in increments to up to 16.  However, when the caster casts the spell, he/she can choose to vary the size of a given illusion up to the Illusion Size the spell has been upgraded to.  Illusion Size therefore, represents the maximum Size Level that an given illusion can be.


The duration is measured in minutes.  The base illusion time is 1 minute but can be upgraded up to 15 minutes.