Character levels in this game do not function the same way they do in traditional RPGs.  Most RPGs have characters gain experience which then takes them to a new level.  When they gain a level, they gain powers, skills, etc.  With the USOR system however, levels are more like byproducts of accumulated Character Points (CP).  When characters earn CP in this game, they can immediately spend them to power themselves up or save them for later.  Levels are used to measure the overall number of CPs earned in that the more CP a character has accumulated (whether spent or not) the greater his/her level.

Levels in this game are used as a simple measure of a character’s overall power and can be used as a comparison to other characters or creatures in the game.   In other words, a level 10 character has more CP overall than a level 4 character.  It is more convenient to compare level 10 to level 4 than say comparing total CP of 617 (a level 4 character) to total CP of 4115 (a level 10 character).

There are two additional important things to note about character levels:

  1. Gaining a level in this game has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON THE CHARACTER in terms of gaining power or skills.  In other words, when a character gains a level, nothing special happens.  Again, levels in this game simple measure the amount of accumulated CP a character has earning…NOTHING MORE.
  2. Not every character starts at level 1.  In fact, starting at level 1 is almost impossible to do since level 1 represents an extremely low amount of CP.  For example, an average normal person who is not hero at all and who has no super powers will probably be at least level 10 because that is the number of CP needed to create an average normal person.  To be a level 1 character, you’d have to be something akin to a cockroach in size and power.