Magic Item Skills

Like Armor Skills, these skills DO NOT have ratings.  But, they do have Ranks.  The higher the rank, the better the character can use a given magical item and the more magical items the character has access to.  Some magical items require a minimum Rank of I (uses roman numerals) to use the item.  All Magical Swords, for instance at least require the skill Magic Sword I in order to wield them and some Magical Swords require even higher ranks of Magic Sword skill such as Magic Sword II or Magic Sword III.

Which magic item skill(s) you can purchase is dependent on the your Primary and Secondary Focus.  To the right of each Armor Skill listed on the character sheet, is a list of Focus Combinations which CANNOT select a given Armor Skill.  “C” stands for Combat, “M” for Magic, “S” for Skill, and “F” for Faith.  The first letter indicates the Primary Focus, the second letter represents the Secondary Focus.  So FS means Primary Focus Faith, Secondary Focus Skill.

It is important to note too that Magic Item Skills often have a pre-requisite skill in order for them to be purchased.

Magic Sword I – IV

Allows a character to wield one-handed magical swords.

Magic Armor I – II

Allows a character to wield magical armor

Acolyte Armor I – II

Only Faith-Focused characters may utilize this skill.  Acolyte Armors are ancient magical armors that provide the faithful with powerful magical abilities.