Magic Message

This spell allows the caster to leave an audio message for others to hear at a later date.  It is essentially the magical version of a voicemail message.  The message can be any length but will only be played once.  The caster casts the message either on an object or a location.  The message will be invisible to all except to those whom the message is intended for.  Those who are intended to hear the message will see the message as a large, magical glowing shape or symbol.  The caster can make this appear however he wants.  An example would be a large floating envelope that is glowing green.  The intended targets walk over to the envelope, it pops open, and the message is played.  Only those who are intended to hear the message will hear it.

Spell School Prerequisites: Conjure 1

Base CP Cost: 120

Total CP Cost with all Upgrades: 614

Magic Point Cost

The based MP cost is 6 for this spell.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 4 MP.

# of Specified Receivers

The base number of recipients for any given message is 1.  This number can be increased in increments up to 6.