A character may spend 5 AT to move during combat. The amount of distance moved is based on a character’s Agility score.

Waiting to Act

Characters can opt not to perform any actions or wait to perform an action during combat. If so, place the character’s icon off of the AT grid until the player decides to make the character act. Once the player has decided to make the character act, the character can choose an action to perform and wait the appropriate amount of AT to complete the action.

Canceling an Action

At any point during combat, a character can Cancel the action he/she was in the process of performing.  This will place the character on the AT Calendar at the appropriate time in combat.  The character will then select a new action to perform and will be moved down the AT Calendar as per normal.  If the decision to Cancel an Action is made in between actions of other characters, it is the GM’s discretion to determine when the character made his/her decision to cancel the action.