Read Object

This spell allows the caster to pick up an object, concentrate, and gain a “vision” of what happened in connection with this object.  Essentially what happens is that objects “record” events that have happened to them; a sort of psychic imprint is left on the object.  The object acts as camera in a sense, showing a visual image in the mind of the caster of what happened around the object.  The image will not show anything beyond the object.  For example, if the caster casts the spell on a dagger found on the floor and picks it up, he can see who the dagger stabbed or how it was dropped or maybe even see the dagger being carried by a person from one location to another.  This spell only gives vision from the perspective of the dagger and won’t be able to show the whole contents of a room for example.  It is almost as if the dagger had a small camera attached to it.  No sound is provided with this spell: only visuals.

This spell is very much up to the game master’s discretion and it can be useful for letting players in on clues in connection to an adventure.  It can also be used to feed them useless information or distract them from the real course of a story.

Spell School Prerequisites: Mind 1

Base CP Cost: 300

Total CP Cost with all Upgrades: 750

Magic Point Cost

The based MP cost is 4 for this spell.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 2 MP.