Social Traits

Social Traits are character background aspects that can and often do affect the character during the course of gameplay. They represent his/her personal past and upbringing and adds a certain amount of flavor to the storytelling aspect of the game. They include but are not limited to a character’s starting wealth (or poverty), social status, and even criminal background. Gamemasters are encouraged to regularly have gameplay affected by a character’s Social Traits.
Social Traits are purchased using Social Points. During Character Creation, a certain number of Social Traits must be selected so that the Social Points they add up to, equals the number of Social Points the character has available. A character can never have any more or less than this amount.
It is possible for a character to have negative Social Points. In this case, the player will have to select negative Social Traits such as poverty or a criminal background in order to satisfy the Social Points requirement mentioned above.
Social Points are derived by the current ratings of Beauty, Charm, and Luck. Thus, as these attributes increase in score, so too do the Social Points.