Spells & Spell Casting

The rules for spells and spell casting will vary from genre to genre.  Therefore, their rules are listed below by Setting.

Fragments of Karn

Most spells in this game are cast using the Sorcery Skill.  Simply put, whenever a character wishes to cast a spell, he/she will make an Event Roll using his/her Sorcery Skill.  A NOST of 1 is the minimum requirement with higher NOSTs typically resulting in greater effects of the spell cast.

Spell Schools

In order to learn and cast spells, a character must first have learned the appropriate Spell School(s) and Spell School Level(s) for a given spell. When using CP to purchase Spells, the general order to purchase is to 1) find the spell you want your character to know, 2) look at what the Spell School Level requirements are, 3) purchase the required Spell Schools and Spell School Levels, and finally 4) purchase the desired Spell.

Below is a list of the available Spell Schools in Fragments of Karn:


Spells involving wind, the sky, lightning, and some weather affects.


Spells involving wildlife or animal-like characteristics.  Animal spells rarely involve monsters but it is not unheard of for an Animal spell to affect both animals and monster.


The most diverse and vaguest of the Spell Schools.  Arcane focuses on any “generic” magic spells and is often paired with other Spell Schools for a Spell’s Spell School requirements.


Any spells which involve improving or changing oneself or others.  These spells often alter a person in ways such as giving them flight or superhuman strength.


Spells involving warfare or causing direct damage to opponents.


Conjure spells bring inanimate and other non-living objects into being.


Spells involving metal, stone, and dirt as well as the general landscape and the very ground itself.


Spells involving flames, heat, and even in some cases lava.


These spells allow the caster to control the actions of other people and objects.


Any spells that affect the minds of others or that provide mental insight to the caster.  These spells often take the form of mind control/manipulation or clairvoyance and psychic powers of premonition.


Spells involving plant-life and vegetation.


Spells that protect the caster and others from harm.


These spells allow the caster to bring creatures from other dimensions and locations into the caster’s present location and to allow him/her to control these creatures.


Spells involving water, ice, mist, and all bodies of water including oceans and lakes.

Spell Casting

Each spell has an MP cost attached to it. Every time a spell is cast, the caster may roll a Magic Affinity roll. Subtract the number of successes from the Magic Affinity roll from the MP cost of the spell cast. The resulting number is the amount of MP the caster lost from casting the spell.

Example: A spell caster with Magic Affinity of 20 casts a spell that costs 5 MP. The caster rolls the Magic Affinity roll (in this case, 2d12) and gets 2 successes. This means that the spell cost 3 MP to cast (5 – 2 = 3).

It is possible for a spell to be cast that costs no MP at all if the Magic Affinity roll is high enough.