Step 3: How to use USOR Chat

Once you are logged in to both the site and the chat room, you should see the chat room panel on the left side of the screen and the character sheet module on the right side of the screen.

Default Chat Channels

The chat room is composed of separate channels.  There are several default channels that every player will be able to see: Announce_Lobby, BESTIARY, MAGIC_ITEMS, NPCs, SUPPLEMENTAL, Tutorial, contact_us.

Announce_Lobby is the main public chat room for all players to talk to admin or to each other and is currently the best way to announce a gaming session to invite other players.

The BESTIARY, MAGIC_ITEMS, NPCs, and SUPPLEMENTAL channels all contain tools and data for Game Masters to run adventures and campaigns.


We encourage new players to view our Youtube videos which will help guide through all the features and content of our website.  Simply click on the Youtube icon in the main lobby of the game and it will take you to our Youtube playlist.

Creating your own Channels

You can create your own chat channel by pressing the “+” button on the chat panel.  You can select the channel to be either private or public.  Setting it to public means that anyone can join your channel.  Private channels can only be entered by players who have been given permission by the channel creator to do so.

Announcing your game and finding players

Once you have your own Channel created, if you do not already have your gaming group established and you instead wish to find new players to play your game, you can announce your game in the Announce_Lobby channel.  You can announce to all players by typing in “@all” followed by your message.  A good game announcing message would look something like this: “@all Game Master Looking for Group six players total next meet time 5/16/2018 @ 3:00 PM PST.  30,000 CP Characters needed.”

Joining Games

Players interested in playing the Game Master’s game can reply directly to the Game Master by Direct Messaging within the chat or by replying in the main lobby by starting the message with “@xxxx” where “xxxx” is the name of the Game Master’s chat handle.  For instance, if the Game Master’s name in the chat room is JohnDragonSlayer, then you would type “@JohnDragonSlayer I am interested in joining your group.  Do you still have room?”.

Adding and Using the Dice Roller

In order to utilize the digital dice roller, you will need to add the chat robot “usor” to your channel as if it were another player.  Once you have added it, you can roll dice by typing in “usor roll 1d10 + 1d20”.

Using the Video Conference Room

Once players have been added to your channel, each of you can access the video conference room by selecting the “video camera” icon on the right side of the chat room.  There is also an option to share screens so that other players can see what your desktop screen is seeing.