Striking an Opponent

Whenever striking an opponent in combat, a Location must first be chosen.  The Locations will vary depending on the body shape of the target.  For humans and most humanoids, the Locations available to strike are as follows:

Right Leg

Left Leg

Right Arm

Left Arm



Depending on which Location is chosen, there may be strike penalties to hitting these targets.  This penalty is a temporary reduction to the Rating of the Weapon Skill used to hit the target.  The penalties, by Location, are as follows:

Locations Feat Roll Penalty
Right Leg -4
Left Leg -4
Right Arm -6
Left Arm -6
Chest 0
Head/Neck -10

Steps to Striking an Opponent

1) Attacker rolls a Event Roll with the appropriate weapon skill as the base score. There is also a potential penalty for the Event Roll based on the target hit location.  See the chart above for more details.

Additionally, there is a penalty/bonus to strike if the opponent’s Size Level differs from that of the attacker. For every Size Level that the Attacker is below the Defender, add +1 to the Event Roll. Likewise, for every Size Level that the Attacker is above the Defender, subtract -1 to the Event Roll.  Thus, a Size Level 3 character attacking a Size Level 5 character gets a +2 bonus to strike.

2) Defender rolls an Event Roll as either a dodge, roll, or block.

3) If the attacker’s number of successes is higher than the defender’s, the attack is successful. Damage is then rolled.