The “Size” Stat

Each character and object in the game has a Size rating. The lower the Size rating, the smaller the character or object. The higher the rating, the bigger the object or character. Size determines and affects lots of other stats in the game. Damage is adjusted by Size level (with damage dealt to larger creatures being reduced and damage dealt to smaller creatures increased).

Size Examples:

Average Human Male               Size: 0

Domestic Cat                               Size: -6

300 Foot Tall Giant                     Size: 15


A Game Master can use the Size Chart as a way to gauge the size of a living creature.

Assigning Sizes to Objects

Objects which are held or worn such as weapons, tools, armor, and equipment are typically assigned Size Levels based on their intended users rather than the actual physical size.  Thus, a sword that is forged to be held and wielded by a human is considered Size Level 0 while a considerably larger object such as a horse-drawn carriage designed to transport humans is also Size Level 0.  Utilizing objects of a Size Level different than yours will incur penalties to its usage.