Unarmed Combat

Every character in the game gains the Unarmed Combat weapon skill for free. It is a separate and different skill from other weapon skills. It differs from other skills in that its bonus is derived by dividing the character’s Coordination rating by 2. Thus, most characters will naturally have a fairly high Unarmed Combat skill rating. Additional points for Unarmed Combat may be purchased as any other normal weapon skill. Overall, the Unarmed Combat skill can be thought of as the character’s proficiency of striking others with his/her bare hands and feet.

Associated with Unarmed Combat (the skill) is Fist (or melee) damage. If Unarmed Combat is the character’s proficiency with striking others with his bare hands, Fist Damage is the amount of damage the character’s fists can do in combat after successfully striking with the Unarmed Combat skill. Fist is a “weapon” that the character always has because when you are without a weapon, you can always use your fists as weapons.

Fist base damage is determined by the Element of the character. Bonus damage is determined by Strength in the normal fashion. Refer to the Natural Armor and Materials chart for reference.

Fist has the following weapon stats:

Base Damage Bonus Damage Total Damage BAT AT
Determined by Element of Character Current Strength/2 Base + Bonus 5 BAT x Character’s ATM