Walk on Water

This spell allows the caster to literally walk on water as if it were a solid surface.  This spell can only be cast on the caster himself/herself and cannot be cast on others.

Spell School Prerequisites: Water 1

Base CP Cost: 50

Total CP Cost with all Upgrades: 999

Action Time

The base Action Time for this spell is 5.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 1.

Magic Point Cost

The based MP cost is 3 for this spell.  It can be reduced by increments to as low as 1 MP.

Capabilities on Water

As the title of this spell suggests, the base ability of the caster is to walk on water.  However, the caster can increase the number of things he/she can do on the surface of the water.  The spell can be upgraded to allow the character to jog on water, run on water, or even do acrobatics on water.  The order of capabilities based on Ranking for this category are as follows:

Rank 1: Walk on Water

Rank 2: Jog on Water

Rank 3: Run on Water

Rank 4: Jump on Water

Rank 5: Acrobatics on Water