Weapon Throw

This ability reduces the strike penalties associated with throwing a weapon at an opponent.  These strike penalties refer to weapons that are not designed to be thrown such as swords, clubs, staves, non-throwing daggers, etc.  The higher the rating assigned to Weapon Throw, the lower the penalty for throwing a weapon.

To utilize Weapon Throw, simply input the Weapon Throw Range Input in the character sheet.  The input for this field ranges from 1 to 3 and is measured in tens of feet.  Thus, an input of 2 refers to twenty feet.  Once the range has been inputted.  The character sheet will display the Strike penalty rating to the right of the Weapon Throw Current Rating Field.


Jennie has a Weapon Throw ranking of 5 and is throwing her sword at an opponent 30 ft. away.  She will have a -6 to her Strike rating as a result.